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About Me

Full-Stack JS Developer

Hello there! I'm a developer originally from Las Vegas, NV. I love creating and developing things for the web. I specialize as a front-end developer, primarily building web apps with React JS (my love). But I often build my own backends using JS as the full stack. I enjoy every part of the creative process from design to implementation and am capable of learning anything needed for the job at hand. Aside from programming, I enjoy making music and travelling to strange paradises.

My Work


Trip Wallet is a travel expense tracking app that uses real time currency exchange rates from the European Central Bank to convert expenses on the fly to the user’s base currency.

Test app using these credentials: test@gmail.com, testA123!@#

(Currently in development, please allow 10 seconds for cold start login)

Latino's Rock Shop

Latino's Rock Shop is an alternative music store based in Las Vegas, Nevada that supplies merchandise nationwide. I created their E-Commerce store that is now making up 44% of their sales using Wordpress & Woocommerce.


Spiral is a webapp that lets you build your own color palettes or browse through existing palettes for inspiration. You can change the level of hue of an entire palette to get the right shade for your project. It allows for easy copying-to-clipboard and even generates a spectrum of shades for any particular color. Technologies used: ReactJS

Covid-19 Tracker

The tracker serves data from John Hopkins University CSSE. User can search by country, and shown a bar graph of the data. Technologies used: React and ChartsJS